is a powerful task scheduler with built-in conversion and file replication functions. It automatically converts files or documents through entire directory structures into numerous file-formats. JobMaster supports up to 650 different file conversions, it converts just about anything to anything else!

JobMaster is also used to schedule operations such as directory replication, moving of directories, and converting files into different file formats. Jobs can be configured to start automatically after a defined period of time, or daily at any chosen time. JobMaster does not only support local- and network drives but also serves FTP-Servers with its built in FTP-Client. JobMaster can do any file-based job for you - without writing batch scripts.

is an innovative and modern tool, which helps you to create interactive self learning units called tutorials and make them available to your employees. By using a Tutorix compiled learning unit (tutorial), you will be guided through the entire learning process with a simulated intelligent agent.

With the tutorials your employees will become familiar with new applications and business processes in the easiest fashion. All workflows may be independently simulated, without actual learning tools being installed on the employees PC, hence only relevant schooling information will be passed on.

Tutorix offers various options for the preparation and distribution of know how corporation wide and amends in an ideal way the concept of training of your corporation.

UltraLogon represents an innovative replacement for SAP Logon. UltraLogon offers many new features and benefits that standard SAP Logon program can not provide. UltraLogon ensures optimal client integration in your SAP system landscape. Release or hardware updates to SAP systems require the continued reallocation of the SAP Logon ini file. This takes high organizational and administrative effort; as a result SAP client access data are not always up to date.

With UltraLogon the distribution of the SAP Logon ini file becomes unnecessary. The file is centrally stored on web server, thus the client is constantly up to date. Another benefit of UltraLogon is that the maintenance of the services file becomes obsolete. UltraLogon features an internal cache which ensures a trouble free work even when networks interruptions occur.