Today, transfer of knowledge becomes increasingly important. Business processes rapidly change, infrastructures are constantly being modernized - additional knowledge and new skills are needed and must be accessible to employees in the fastest and most efficient manner. Classical schooling or generic training manuals are in today's economical growing demands barely sufficient. Tutorix sets the pattern for new measures in the area of electronic learning (e-learning), be it to indoctrinate users in new software applications or to make business processes accessible to employees in company wide interactive form.

Tutorix is suitable for continuous studies, as well as initial training for the implementation of new software solutions.

What is Tutorix?

Tutorix is an innovative and modern tool, which helps you to create interactive self learning units called tutorials and make them available to your employees. Your employees aren't completely alone:

By using a Tutorix compiled learning unit (tutorial), you will be guided through the entire learning process with a simulated intelligent agent. With the tutorials your employees will become familiar with new applications and business processes in the easiest fashion.
All workflows may be independently simulated, without actual learning tools being installed on the employees PC, hence only relevant schooling information will be passed on.
Mindleads Technology Tutorix offers various options for the preparation and distribution of know how corporation wide and amends in an ideal way the concept of training of your corporation.

A possible use for the Tutorix generated tutorials is the indoctrination of operation of a new software or an appointed work process without the help of a human instructor. For the education of a software product it need not be actually installed by the user of the tutorial, Tutorix makes the surface of a software visible for all users through high-resolution screenshots.
A tutorial may be sent via email to all users of your corporation or it may be made available over the network to a variety of users. The tutorials may be used at work, as well as at home or en route with a laptop.

The user could learn at his own pace and repeat the units as often as required. The prerequisite for playback of tutorials is only the installation of the Tutorix Player software on the users computer. The Tutorix Editor is used for recording and editing tutorials.

Mindleads Technology Tutorix is the easiest way to create interactive demonstrations and software simulations. It records your actions in any application and instantly creates a tutorial simulation with visible and audible mouse movements and keyboard inputs. The small file size and high resolution make Tutorix tutorials and demos easy to publish online or burn to CD for use in training, sales, marketing, or user support.